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Unwinding Desk Posture

Unwinding Desk Posture

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The evidence is clear: prolonged sitting is terrible for our health. When a person spends long periods of time sitting, their postural muscles become fatigued, resulting in the typical "desk posture:" shoulders slumped downward, hips rolled forward, & lower back in a stretched position. This can result in a number of chronic issues such as neck pain, tension headaches, shoulder pain, & back pain. How do we tackle these issues in light of a modern lifestyle that increasingly demands more sitting?

This class will focus on combating desk posture through corrective exercise & stretching that will help bring the body into a more neutral position. It is ideal for desk jockeys & people who spend lots of time sitting (drivers, students, dentists, tattoo artists, etc.).

While not a traditional exercise class, these sessions involve lots of movement, so comfortable clothing is recommended.  All levels of fitness & ability are welcome. If you have any medical conditions in which a doctor limits your physical activity, please contact Tamara prior to registration. 


Sunday, April 28, 11am-12:15pm

Saturday, May 4, 10-11:15am

Saturday, May 11, 10-11:15am

Saturday, May 18, 10-11:15am


The Well, 3220 17th St NW, Washington DC 20010.

COST: $20. The fee is nonrefundable but you may transfer your registration to another person

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